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Upgrading farmers into fundable risks.

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Offering opportunities to Rural entrepreneurs.

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Increasing access to funds by the Rural Poor.

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Upgrading farmers into fundable risks
  • The portfolio focuses on upgrading farmers into bankable or fundable risks by digitalizing across the value chain.
  • Our farm mobile application collects data and helps scoring and underwriting credit to smallholder farmers — a sizable, growing, but largely overlooked population in Kenya.
  • De-risking by closing asymmetric information gap between the farmer and the lender helps reduce losses and enhance farmers’ economic development.
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Increasing access to funds by the rural poor
  • Credit remains a matter of great importance in rural sectors of Kenya economy. Significant portion of the rural poor are unable to access funds.
  • Micro- credit business provides Revolving credit line, a flexible financial arrangement solution to micro-businesses to access funds at their discretion to meet their business needs.
  • The portfolio is designed for micro-businesses to buy inventory at critical time, manage employees payroll or pay the bills e.g. hospital bills, school fees, burial costs etc while waiting for payments to arrive from slow customers or business season to boom..
  • Micro-credit give customers advanced approval to borrow money as their need arises (within the line of credit agreement) without having to re-apply again. It is faster and more flexible and convenient.
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Offering opportunities to rural entrepreneurs
  • To address challenges of lack of funds by micro-credit to deepen their outreach, Microfinance franchising model offers an opportunity to rural entrepreneurs using her institutional structures as possible solution for meeting credit demand.
  • The business involves allowing entrepreneurs to own branch outlet using company brand, IT systems, Portfolios and standardized processes under a special agency arrangement.
  • The concept provides insulation to the entrepreneur by providing a degree of stability, security and predictability that they wouldn’t rely achieve on their own.
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